Vietnam, land of minorities

French versionvietnam_minorites

Bầu ơi thương lấy bí cùng.
Tuy rằng khác giống nhưng chung một giàn.

Oh squash, you must be pitiful to pumpkin.
Despite the difference in species, you are on the same wire mesh.



Les Thai


Les Nùng



Les Hmong


Les Yao


Les Giáy

One has the habit of planting at the garden corner the squash and pumpkin on the same strip of land. Although they are vegetables of different species, they receive the same culture conditions. This proverb would like to remind the Vietnamese that we are in a country with 54 ethnic groups. We live with the other ethnic groups on the same land despite the different living conditions at the material and spiritual level. We are all the children of the Dragon and the Grandchildren of the Immortal (Con Rồng Cháu Tiên). That is why we need to live together and in good neighborliness and to help each other in order to build better the great nation that is today the Vietnam.