Lăng Cô beach ( Làng cò)

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Situated at the bottom of the Hải Vân pass forming the border between Thừa Thiên Huế and Đà Nẵng province, this beautiful Lăng Cô beach, extending for ten kilometers is known for its fine sand dunes and lagoon with turquoise waters. It is not far enough from a fishing village where the presence of storks is very frequent. That is why this village was called under the name of « Làng cò » or (Storks village) during the period of Nguyễn dynasty. In the interests of pronounciation, it also becames Lăng Cô in the days of French occupation. Contrary to other beachs in Vietnam, in addition to its heavenly charm, it still keeps a pristine and wild environment. This is a good reason to come here for relaxation in the tranquillity.


at the bottom of  Hải Vân pass

Buôn Ma Thuộc ( Highland Center )

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Land of Montagnard minorities

Being known for beauty of nature characterized by its waterfalls and lakes, Buôn Ma Thuộc is the  capital of Dak Lak province in Higland Center. The development of tourism is essentially based on elephant ride, visit of ethnic minorities or that of waterfalls. Formerly, it is the country of the Êdê and Bahnar. It is distingued from other regions by its   plantations (coffee, rubber, pepper, cashew and durian fruit).