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Siège de la congrégation du Hainan (Hội quán Hải Nam)



Buôn Ma Thuộc ( Highland Center )

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Land of Montagnard minorities

Being known for beauty of nature characterized by its waterfalls and lakes, Buôn Ma Thuộc is the  capital of Dak Lak province in Higland Center. The development of tourism is essentially based on elephant ride, visit of ethnic minorities or that of waterfalls. Formerly, it is the country of the Êdê and Bahnar. It is distingued from other regions by its   plantations (coffee, rubber, pepper, cashew and durian fruit).





Ethnic minority housing (Nhà của đồng bào thiểu số)





French version

Ethnic minority housing

The richness of ethnic minorities living in the Central Highlands (Tây Nguyên) of Vietnam is measured by the number of jars of rice beers found inside of their houses. These jars are distinguished by their forms, sizes and colors. Some are engraved with the bas-reliefs often illustrated by flowers or dragons.



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