Sa Huynh culture (Văn Hóa Sa Hùynh)

Văn Hóa Sa Hùynh

sahuynh_titreFrench version

Reputed for its salt marshes and its beautiful beach , Sa Huỳnh (*) located in Quảng Ngãi province ( Center of Vietnam) is also the region where French archeologist M. Vinet discovered in 1909  not far An Khê swamp (Long Thành) , an  strange depot composed of 200 funerary jars originating from a brilliant maritime civilization thanks to a Champa inscription.  Having a happy concurrence of circumstances and interested in archeology, the spouse of an controller of the customs  local office,  Mrs  Labarre , had  the opportunity to take over the   archaeological excavation in 1923. She did not take long to rediscover at the top of coastal dunes an other depot of 120 earthenware jars being still intact and near the village of  Phú Khương in the same region. A third site of 187 jars  which  was later reported by French archeologist  Madeleine Colani  in 1934 was at Tràng Long on a sand dune  locally known under the name of « 

 Un troisième site de 187 jarres rapporté plus tard par l’archéologue française Madeleine Colani en 1934 se trouvait à Tràng Long sur une dune de sable appelée localement sous le nom du « plateau des colliers » à cause d’une quantité énorme de colliers trouvés sur place.



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