The mistake (Thiếu phụ Nam Xương)

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Long time ago, there was a couple who lived in perfect happiness. They just had a baby when the war broke out. The husband was drafted and sent to combat at the frontiers. Days and nights, his wife was waiting for the return of her husband by pulling all her energy in the presence of her child. The child grew and began to speak. On an evening, a violent storm broke out. The thunder was rumbling so deafeningly shaking windows and doors. Seized by panic, the child started screaming. To calm him, his mother told him his father was there to protect him. She had the idea of showing her shadow on the wall and told him: « Don’t be afraid, your father is there. » The child look at the shadow and said to it: « Good evening, Daddy ». Reassured, the child went to sleep. From that day on, the child had the habit of claiming his father and said « Good evening » to him before going to bed, which required the woman to lean every night before the lamp to create her shadow.

Finally the war ended. The husband came home. The man discovered with tenderness and emotion the child he had left when he was still a baby. Instead of hugging his father, the child pushed him out with virulence: « Leave me alone, you’re not my father. My Dad only comes at night ». The husband, overwhelmed with grief and hurt in his pride, thought that his wife deceived him for another man and decided not to inquire further. From then on he kept a very frigid and distant attitude without taking care of either the child or his wife who continued to show him their love. The misunderstanding incited the man to depart one day without leaving any address.cierge

Time passed, the worried wife asked herself questions on the attitude of her husband and continued to wait for his return. Unfortunately, sorrow and despair took over the young woman on a beautiful day. She decided to put an end to her days by drowning herself in the river after having entrusted her child to the care of his kins.

Having learned of the death of his wife and taken by remorse, the man went back home. In the evening, when he lit the lamp, his son happy to see his shadow appear on the wall, yelled: There, my Daddy ». The man then knew his terrible misunderstanding. The next day, he took his son to the riverside to implore forgiveness from his wife. The man promised to himself to stay single until the end of his life to take care of the child and that no other women would replace her in his heart.

Thiếu phụ Nam Xương

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